How to sell crypto tokens using Robinhood crypto wallet?

Crypto wallets help you to sell the crypto coins that you have purchased from the exchange. People who have stored cryptos in the wallet can sell the funds on the blockchain market. So, if you have also stored crypto tokens in your Robinhood crypto wallet, you have visited the right page. This read is going to give you complete information about the process to sell crypto tokens on Robinhood.

Users may be asked to log in to their Robinhood wallet in case they have logged out. However, you can easily access the wallet account by providing biometrics and password details. You can use the crypto wallet app to sell your tokens securely. If you have not installed the Robinhood wallet app on your device then you need to visit the App or Play Store to get it on your device.

The process to sell crypto tokens using Robinhood crypto wallet

You can easily sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other crypto token that you have stored on Robinhood wallet. The steps that will let you sell cryptos on Robinhood are as follows:

  1. Open the Robinhood wallet mobile app
  2. Now, you need to provide the biometric or password details
  3. Once you enter the wallet dashboard, find and click the ‘Trade’ button
  4. Now, head to the next field and click the ‘Sell’ option
  5. Approach to the upper-right corner and click the ‘Order Types’ option
  6. Select the order type that you want
  7. Swipe the screen to confirm the order
  8. Now, you have sold crypto tokens on Robinhood crypto wallet

Once you swipe the screen, you will confirm the order on Robinhood. Make sure to choose the right order type to avoid issues during the process.


In short, Robinhood allows you to sell crypto tokens securely. Users can easily sell their cryptos, using the Robinhood mobile app. If you have lost the password details, follow the path to reset the password of your Robinhood crypto wallet. But in case you have already logged in to your Robinhood wallet account then you can sell your funds by visiting the trading section. To help you, we have mentioned the complete process to sell crypto tokens above on this page. Hopefully, you have learned the procedure to sell cryptos by referring to this post.